With Unity Shopping Discount Card (USDC) shopping is fun and less expensive.

You get discounts upfront whenever you purchase USDC Shopping cards. These discounts help you to make more purchases or pay less for your overall shopping, meaning you always SPEND LESS.

With this USDC initiative, you get discounts of between 5% and 20% whenever you purchase the USDC discount Cards. These huge discounts are sponsored by  Manufacturers and other Organizations who have indicated interest to be partners of this discounting project.


Steps on how to get USDC discounts:

1. Register for a free account here. 

2. Visit a any SPEEDusp outlet in your neighborhood and get rewarded with Ultimate Shopping Points (usp) vouchers for your purchases.

3. Load your usp into your online wallet after you have registered a FREE user account on this site.

4. Convert your usp into Unity Shopping Discount Cards (USDC) at the prevailing discount rate.

5. Use your discounted USDC card to make purchases at approved USDC outlets.

6. Go home with your purchases and ENJOY!



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